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Telephone: 060609 Chiamataxi (numero unico prenotazioni)


Chiamataxi 060609 The telephone number 060609 and the ChiamaTaxi (Calling a Taxi) app are the two services of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità to call the nearest taxi, saving time and money. The service is made possible thanks to the resources made available by Roma Capitale and the Ministry of the Environment in the context of sustainable mobility policies.

ChiamaTaxi 060609 puts the customer in direct contact with an operator, if there are no cars available at the taxicab stand. Taxi drivers who have joined the initiative have a dedicated tablet/smartphone application to answer the customer directly from their own car.

The telephone number 060609

By calling 060609, the user is asked to speak clearly the street address where he is. Through Automatic Speech Recognition, the system directs the call to the nearest column where a taxi driver responds and confirms his arrival: in the case of temporary absence of the operator from the taxi callbox (after two attempts), the system directs the customer to the second  nearest callbox, otherwise the call is "forwarded" directly by the system to the nearest taxi that will be able to estimate the time of arrival. The wait time will be shorter, as will the amount on the meter when you enter the taxi.

App for Android and iOS

The ChiamaTaxi app can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets:

The new ChiamaTaxi app reduces both waiting times and the cost of service. The customer calls the taxi from his smartphone or tablet, communicates his position via touchscreen, or GPS with voice recognition, and speaks immediately with the nearest taxi, who will be able to estimate the time of arrival as well as the wait time.

Authorized taxi cabs in Rome are white and have the word TAXI on the roof; the front doors bear the symbol of Roma Capitale and taxi license number, which is also located inside the car on the left rear door.

Before starting the journey, make sure the meter is turned on (located on the dashboard or at the top of the windscreen). Should it is not switched on, ask the driver to do so. Always ask for a receipt of payment.

Taxi fares in Rome

Progressive rate (amount increases are by increments of € 0.10)


fixed starting price on weekdays (from 6:00 am  to 10:00 am) € 3.00

fixed starting price on holidays (from 6:00 am  to 10:00 am) € 4.50

fixed starting price at nighttime (from 10:00 pm  to 6:00 am) € 6.50


Charge per hour applicable for speeds below 20 km/hr; € 27.00/hr


T1: for speeds above 20 km/hr  € 1.10 / km (up to € 11.00)

T2: for speeds above 20 km/hr  € 1.30/km (up to € 13.00)

T3: for speeds above 20 km/hr  € 1.60/km (after € 13.00)

The first taxometric progression (T1-T2) occurs when the amount shown on the taximeter has accumulated € 11.00 over the initial fixed amount shown on the taximeter; at this time the change to the second (T2) tariff progression takes place, until the amount has increased by another € 13.00; at that moment the third (T3) tariff progression takes place; this third tariff will be in effect until the end of service.


A discount of 10% has been fixed on the amount shown on the meter in the following cases:

direct runs to public hospitals

for single women who use the service during the nighttime hours (10:00 pm - 6:00 am)

for young people coming out of clubs on Friday and Saturday after appropriate agreement with the managers of the clubs


the first piece of luggage is free; for each subsequent piece of luggage larger than 35x25x50 cm: € 1.00

from the fifth passenger on, for vehicles with a capacity exceeding n. 4 passengers: € 1.00

the fixed fee for a call by radiotaxi is € 3.50

Rides that originate inside the Great Ring Road (GRA) and headed to Fiumicino Airport, and vice versa, may not exceed the amount of  €70.00. The amount of the service will be that shown on the taximeter at the end of the ride. To this amount, where applicable, supplements are added: excess baggage, fixed fee for call by radio taxi, any passengers from the fifth onwards. Any such supplements are then added to the amount of travel detected by the meter.

Taxi fares to/from airports


Taxis are located outside the terminals (domestic and international arrivals) .

The travel time from Fiumicino to Rome (within the Aurelian Walls) is about 40-50 minutes, with a flat rate (per car) of € 48.00, supplements included.
Fixed fares, inclusive of all supplements, to other destinations are:

Castello della Magliana - Parco dei Medici: € 30.00

Nuova Fiera di Roma: € 25.00

Ciampino Airport: € 50.00

Tiburtina station: € 55.00

Ostiense station: € 45.00

Civitavecchia Porto: € 120.00

Rides that originate inside the Great Ring Road (GRA) and headed to Fiumicino Airport, and vice versa, may not exceed the amount of € 70.00.


Taxis are located in front of the airport itself. From Ciampino to Rome (within the Aurelian Walls) the travel time is about 30 minutes, with a flat fee  (per car) of € 30.00, supplements included. Fixed fares, inclusive of all supplements, to other destinations are:

Tiburtina station: € 35.00
Ostiense station: € 30.00

Fiumicino Airport: € 50.00

Fixed rates shall apply only if the route is directed to the address given, with neither detours nor picking up other passengers.

For connections with other parts of the city, the metered fare applies from the start, which varies depending on the distance traveled.

Link: https://www.comune.roma.it/pcr/it/trasp_pub_taxi.page
Complaints form: https://www.comune.roma.it/resources/cms/documents/reclamo_taxi_inglese_01.pdf

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