Santuario di Santa Maria del Divino Amore

Typology: Parish Church


Address: Via Ardeatina, km 12
Zone: Quartiere Ardeatino (Roma sud)
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Telephone: +39 06 713518
Fax: +39 06 71353304

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Winter 06:30am-08:00pm
Summer 05:00am-09:00pm
Visitors are not  allowed  during  Mass (religious services)
For services schedule please refer to:
Opening times are subject to change. Please call the Church or visit: www.santuariodivinoamore.it/section.php?page=celebrazioni



MADONNA DEL DIVINO AMORE Itsorigins date back to C. XIII, when the area presented some sort of fortressowned by the Orsini family, also known as Castel di Leva. On one tower an imageof the Virgin was frescoed, being very venerated by the local shepherds. DuringC. XV a pilgrim who was about to be attacked by some dogs begged the Madonna forhelp and was miraculously saved. In 1744 Benedetto XIV ordered the building ofa church on the old castle’s ruins, where one then placed the miraculous image.On the 8th of December 1932 the church became parish, guided by Don UmbertoTerenzi, founder of the Figlie Della Madonna Del Divino Amore (1942), who werethen succeeded by the oblate priests who now keep the sanctuary. In 1944 theentire people of Rome begged the Vergine del Divino Amore to save the city fromthe horrors of the war and promised the building of a new sanctuary whoseconstruction was started in 1991. Theeighteenth-century-sanctuary-church, probably a work by Filippo Raguzzini, embodiesa facade with an arched tympanum amidst two windows. On top of the crowningtriangular tympanum one finds the statue of the Vergine Maria. Theinterior, embodying a single nave, appears simple and decorated with frescoesand paintings from C. XIX. In 1947 the crypt of the Addolorata was carried outin the old castle’s cistern, where one can see an artistic reproduction of thefirst miracle by the Madonna del Divino Amore and of the Voto di Maria.

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