Chiesa Santi Giovanni Evangelista e Petronio dei Bolognesi

Typology: Non Parish Church


Address: Via del Mascherone, 61
Zone: Rione Regola (Campo de' Fiori-Piazza Farnese) (Roma centro)
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Open 04:30pm-07:00pm
Visitors are not  allowed  during  Mass (religious services)
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In 1575, the community of the Bolognesi that resided in Rome founded a Confraternita in order to assist their fellow citizens. Recognized by Gregorio XIII the next year and appointed to San Petronio, the Confraternita ordered the building of a new church replacing thepre-existing one that belonged to the Spanish community. In 1582 the construction works began on the basis of a drawing by Ottavio Mascherino, while they were completed in the mid 1600s and the church was dedicated to the Saints Petronio and Giovanni Evangelista. The façade carried out between 1696 and 1700. In 1810 the Confraternita was eliminated and the church turned into a warehouse. It was only restored in 1873, upon the reconstitution of the Confraternita. The façade, with a single order, presents anentry portal surrounded by couples of Corinthian pilaster strips, and it is surmounted by a big rectangular window. Two other portals, surmounted by two windows and a round oculus, open up by the sides. The interior embodies a Greek-cross plan with side chapels and a dome roofing. On the altar to the right one should not missout the “Morte di San Giuseppe”, by Francesco Gessi. 
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