Fontana di Piazza dei Gerani

Typology: Fountains


Address: Piazza dei Gerani
Zone: Quartiere Prenestino Centocelle (Roma est)
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The fountain consists of a pond with an islet on which a statue of the Roman age is placed. The statue is a copy of the type called Piccola Ercolanese, because similar copies were found during the excavations at Hercolaneum. The figure is represented in the act of holding his mantle on the left shoulder with his right hand, while the other hand is completely wrapped up in the drapery. The bare head has an “a melone” (like a melon) hairstyle. The bareheaded Piccola Ercolanese represents Proserpina, and when the head is veiled she is identified with her mother Ceres. This typology was used very often in the ancient world, starting from the second half of the fourth century BC. For example, in the Roman age it was customary for the patrician matrons to present themselves wearing the dresses of one of the two goddesses.
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