Fontana Abbeveratorio detta delle Conche

Typology: Fountains


Address: Via di Villa Giulia
Zone: Quartiere Pinciano (Roma centro)
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This fountain was built to be a trough in front of Julius the Third’s monumental fountain with which it created an unusual presentation stage to the pope’s palace at the end of the road. In 1672 cardinal Federico Borromeo restored the fountain creating a magnificent floor and adding his coat of arms, an inscription and the mask with a valve. When the fountain of the Babuino was removed in 1877 from Via del Babuino for traffic requirements, the statue of Silenus was moved to the courtyard of Palazzo Boncompagni and the pond replaced the one in the trough. When the fountain withthe Silenus was reassembled in 1957, the pond was brought back to Via del Babuino and replaced in Via Flaminia by an identical granite copy. Thestructure of the entire fountain trough was redesigned by architect Vittorio Grassi and entirely rebuilt in 1934 by Armando Foschini, adding a central vessel surmounted by two half-vessels on the sides to the granite pond. Alleans against a travertine wall.
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