Omnia Card 24/72 hours

Typology: Tourist-cultural cards


Telephone: 0039 06 69896.379 dal lunedì alla domenica 9.00 - 17.00


The Omnia can be purchased at the offices of the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi and the various authorized points of sale (in the Tourist Infopoints of Rome) or online on the website http://shop.omniakit.org

OMNIA CARD 72 HOURS https://www.omniavaticanrome.org/it/cards/omnia-card-72h

OMNIA CARD 24 HOURS https://www.omniavaticanrome.org/it/cards/omnia-card-24h

Summary and useful information

• Omnia Card can be purchased online on the website https://shop.omniakit.org, in one of the ORP offices or in one of the authorized sales points.

• If you purchased the Omnia Card on the site, choose the ORP office that is most convenient for you:


Activate your Omnia Card, simply by going up one of the Open Buses and showing the staff the confirmation e-mail that will be sent to you once the online purchase is complete.
For the complete regulation: https://www.omniavaticanrome.org/it/pages/condizioni-generali
Roma Pass
What it offers:
The 72-hour Omnia Card includes the 72-hour Roma Pass.

Agreement with

Roma Pass
What the agreement provides:

Roma Pass is included in the Omnia Vatican & Rome 72 HOURS CARD

If you bought the OMNIA Card on our website, choose the most convenient ORP office for you, show your confirmation email and activate your OMNIA Card!

More info: www.omniakit.org/en/where-to-get-it-e57b6399-53ea-445e-aacb-87df6c111a0d


The Omnia Card contains all the services that the Roman Opera Pilgrimages make available to the pilgrim. It guarantees preferential entrances to the main places of worship, religious and artistic in the city. It is conceived and created to allow the faithful from all over the world to avoid long waiting lines and to make the pilgrimage to Rome an unforgettable experience.

OMNIA CARD 72 HOURS www.omniakit.org/it/cos-e/omnia-card-72-ore

OMNIA CARD 24 ORE www.omniakit.org/it/cos-e/omnia-card-24-ore

GROUP PURCHASES www.omniakit.org/it/cos-e/acquisti-di-gruppo

For group purchases there are special conditions.

For all information: +39 0669896379 - info@omniakit.org

What is Omnia Kit

It is a package that contains three elements:

OMNIA CARD Your entrance to Museums and Basilicas and your tour with the Vatican & Rome Open Bus

+ GUIDE The tool that allows you to discover all the beauties of Rome

+ MAP The tool to better orient yourself in Rome


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